Top 5 iOS iPhone theme for Android 2018 | Best Simulator 2018

Android Phone Apps

Here some interesting application available on Android There is some application called OS Launcher. You can change your theme and other things like app icon, wallpaper, menu task bar etc. And you can also customize them. Android is upgrading day by day and there application are increasing daily. In there applications some application can change the theme of android OS like as iSO phones (iPhone). We android users never give up. Android Developers made some app called iSO Theme Launcher or iSO Launcher app or some names xxxxx etc. This android app can change the lock screen, internal animations and the menu background and display icon etc. that emulates the screen as same as and iSO device.  

Here are some of the best iOS launcher and apps. Let’s make Android phones look like iPhone.

1. X Launcher With IOS Style Theme & Control Center

X Launcher is free. It’s about only 4 mb and it’s developed by  Launcher Developer (Art & Design). It’s is a genuine app for android users. This is  a fantastic app for iSO or iPhone lover who using android devices (Samsung/mi/appo/vivo/micromax/lenevo etc.). X Launcher is developing in 2017 for the new coming iPhone X and iPhone 8. It’s the best launcher for Android users who love Apple phone on Android. With X Launcher  you will be able to customize your android phone App Icons, Lock Screen, Wallpapers, Left Screen etc. You can use it faster, swipe up to enter Control Center; Set WiFi, Network, Brightness, Volume, Take Photo quickly. It has a Powerful App Manager and also have a Apple Style Folder. The launcher have 8 Screen Effects, like Breeze, Tunnel, Waves, Cube, Carousel, Tune out, Fan, Rotation. It have some notification Settings to show Facebook, Twitter, Whats App etc. X Launcher has Widgets on Weather and Time and others.It’s can be a good option for mostly  those people who like Apple Phone or iSO os.

X Luncher with iso

2. Stylish IOS Theme For Phone X Launcher

Stylish IOS Theme For Phone X Launcher is can be a good choice for android users to change the Android theme as iOS or like the Apple phone. with iOS Launcher your Android Phone became same as like he Apple Phone or the iOS 11. It’s make the android Phone cool. This iOS Launcher will let you experience the HA quality and the super speedy and smooth performance. This iOS Launcher theme can be very good to help those who like the Android’s Freedom and Love of iOS. This launcher have some unique features like ios control center, quick ios search, phone x style widget, hide apps, app icon badge, rich stylish theme. This iOS Launcher  has HD wallpaper and beautiful iPhone icons, so you believe that you have a real iPhone. In this application you can customize everything beyond imagination with iOS Launcher bring phone theme and ios 11  control center os theme for your android phone. With the hidden apps system always your privacy be secret. There the search system fast as like iPhone X. With this stylish iOS Theme i phone you will love your phone.

Stylish iOS Theme

3. xOS Launcher

This is very easy to use. The xOS Launcher is based on iOS 9. It’s have many cool and unique features.t xOS Launcher can be a good choice for the iSO lovers who uses Android devices. This launcher have many plus point.This best launcher for android device users who like iSO and it can be a good option. In this application many things is new. And it has many unique features. Usually this is based on iSO 9 but it’s a faster than other Launcher apps on Google play. This launcher is cool and easy to use. The xOS Launcher is developed by allsolechang. It is simple and easy. xOS Launcher do not hog your precious memory recourses, nor do we use up CUP cycles. This Launcher will let you experience the super speedy and smooth performance. This launcher is simple and lightweight. It’s deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier. It can customize home screen with lots a theme options. This launcher has smart widgets, effects, flexible theme options. More surprises in this launcher which you will find in one launcher. I hope you like it.


4. iOS 11 Launcher, iPhone X Launcher

      iPhone x iLauncher  ios 11 is an excellent apps for the  android users to experience like ios screen and iPhone UI on your android device. This make your android phone look like as same as the iSO phone or the Apple phone. And it have many useful things like screen lock, apps moving, 4K wallpaper, HD icons and other customize systems. This Launcher is based in iOS 11 and it is developed by App faster and it is comfortable for all Android apps. It has many unique functions. There in this app you can get a smooth performance and classy look with iOS 11. It can be a good apps or Launcher for the Android uses. It has 3D animations in this theme and the all latest icon and wallpapers which are available on only iSO devices or iPhone X. It is the latest and best theme for android devices.  

iOS 11

5. iLauncher X iSO11 theme for iphone x

        This is fastest iOS launcher with largest customization. It’s look decent and cool. This application is looks same as the iOS11. The launcher is very useful for the iSO lover who are using android device. The iLauncher X iSO11 is so fast than other launcher and it is bases on iPhone X.This launcher is quick and easy to access. This iLauncher X iOS 11 is based on iOS 11 or the iphone X. This is one the best Launcher n iOS 11 and it is more than than others which also is available on Google play store. It’s always get new updates with new icon and 4K wallpapers, 3D animations, Stylish Lock Screen and a good optimization of the devices. This looks like same as the iSO 11 or iPhone X.

i launcher