How to access Banned Website using VPN ?

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Unblock Sites Online with a VPN

VPN is ‘Virtual Personal Network’. A VPN helps you to create a private network over a public network. Actually, it uses advanced tunneling and encryption technologies to hide your personal online data, making your activity online private, anonymous and unreachable.

Actually, VPN is used by people all over the world to access banned websites, unblock a video website, unblock URLs or open block sites that can’t be accessed.

This is the best way to get access the all banned websites. Although some countries are cracking down on VPN use, and trying to curb the use of VPN. There is no question that it is the best solution to unblock websites available today for the problem.


How We Tested

We have tested many types of VPNs to see which one are best to access blocked websites. Under below the pointed, all features need to have for a VPN for unblocking blocked or banned websites.


  • Privacy and Security: The encryption methods and security protocols used by the VPN will be determined how private and safe you VPN is.
  • Server Locations: The more and more server locations and countries make it easier to unblock a website and it’s also effects on the speed and reliability of the VPN connection.
  • Customer Service: No VPN is perfect. That’s why solid accessible customer support is so important.
  • Money-back Guarantees: Unfortunately you are unable to unblock a website, but VPN is not free. So, make sure to choose a free VPN or a VPN which gives you a money-back guarantee.
  • Pricing: With so much competition many VPN companies gives some affordable and reasonable prices. But the most famous VPN are costly to buy.


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This article information is mine and some of them are collected from and I hope this can help you guys to understand how to use a VPN or how a VPN works. VPN use not a good thing so use is a legal way. Don’t use it for illegal work.



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