How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

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This is a common question for everyone how to run an Android Game on PC? and also “How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?” This is possible by using an android emulator. PUBG Mobile is an Andoird Game. And it came as APK file. So this is not a Windows-friendly application. Are you want to run the APK; you need an emulator. There are many types of the android emulator is available.  Some of the famous emulators are Tencent Buddy(Official Emulator), Nox Player & BlueStack. To run the emulators at-list you need to 6GB Ram and i3 3rd Generation Processor and 2 Gb Graphics. I especially recommended the Tencent Buddy. This Tencent Buddy emulator is the official emulator for PC to play PUBG Mobile.

***Follow the steps under this article_____________________________


  1. To play PUBG Mobile on Pc You have needed a PC that has at-list 4 GB+ Ram. You need to have GPU means Graphics Card in your PC. And You need to Have an at-list i3 processor. You can see which computer is ok for PUBG Mobile emulator by click here  3 Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile On Pc ( Tencent Buddy/ Blue Stack/ Nox Player).
  2. Download the Tencent Buddy android emulator and install it on your PC. (For download click here)
  3. After the installation opens the app icon which created on the desktop after the installation complete. Then in this installed application again run a download which is around 460 MB. Done the download.
  4. Then after all download completed, open the application. At this time you have to give the permission to download PUBG Mobile by accepting the policys and agreement.
  5. After downloading completed you have to log in with Facebook or Twitter Or Playstore account to connect your account as like as the android phone.
  6. Now run the game and enjoy it.